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"Judi Dressler has amazed me with her quickness and inventive implementation of creative ideas on my behalf. Her openness to sharing skills and unselfish willingness and ability to educate her clients is admirable and appreciated. What needed to get done was done beautifully and I walked away understanding exactly what had been created, and how it was accomplished. I'd recommend her to anyone, newcomer, or expert."

-- Reed Lindberg



I have many years of experience teaching people from beginners to more advanced folks how to make their own web sites. I enjoy it and have lots of patience, and I make sure that it's fun for you! If you have little experience with computers you can create at least a basic website, and if you're more technically comfortable you can create something pretty impressive.

I can teach you how to do the whole thing yourself, or work collaboratively with you so that we each do some of the work -- it's entirely up to you.

For several years I taught hands-on classes in "How to make a website using Dreamweaver" at Longmont Free University in Longmont, Colorado, as well as an evening lecture class at Boulder Digital Arts. Prior to that, I taught workshops in website-building at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. I also have a number of clients who prefer to work with me one-on-one; whatever works best for you works for me!

My background includes an M.A. in Education, and a Colorado teaching certificate. I've taught in the public schools as well as at the university level, and have also provided computer training in the corporate world.

What you need

I can get you started using a Wordpress website based on a template/theme, and show you how to manage it. There are thousands of Wordpress themes (templates) available, almost all very inexpensive, or even free, although you get what you pay for (type "Wordpress themes" into Google). Wordpress is free and open source.

Or, Dreamweaver is user-friendly and provides all the tools you need for a great custom website designed your way; it's also what I use. The demo version of this can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial from the Adobe website.

Before you start, think about what content you want on your website, and also what kind of a design you want (if using a custom website). I suggest surfing the web for sites that have elements and content that's similar to what you want for your site.