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"Judi is incredibly easy, fun and pleasant to work with and most importantly from a business perspective she gets things done very quickly and efficiently."

-- Alice Renouf


About Sites and Beyond

... has been in business since 2001, although I started designing and developing for the web a few years before that, first as a volunteer for a dance organization.

When I started Sites and Beyond, I wanted to provide a service that would stick to a high business ethic and have high standards in general, while at the same time creating elegant, stunning, functional websites and being down-to-earth and accessible. Over the years I've always stuck to an ethic of doing my absolute best for any client that I take on, and always being totally honest with my clients about what I can accomplish for them.  An elegant, easily-useable, and perfected product is my goal as a web developer.

My background includes an MA in education, and so besides building websites I also very much enjoy empowering folks so that they can create their own website or learn how to maintain their existing website - hence the "teaching" link above.

If we decide to work together then I will do my very best to deliver quality results that you are very happy with; I'd like to keep you as a client for a long time. I do almost all of my own work (I have a great sub-contractor if I get too busy to do everything myself), and I'm pretty perfectionistic and won't let go of your website until I'm happy with it. I'll make suggestions to you regarding your website, but I will never try to talk you into features that you don't need or a website that costs more than you want to spend.

I won't try to impress you with technical jargon; instead I will talk to you in your language. Above all I will always listen to you.

I love making beautiful, functional websites that my clients also love. And I believe that I can be of service to you, because I am good at my business, just as you are good at yours.

-- Judi Dressler, owner, Sites and Beyond, LLC