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"Judi has been a joy to work with from the beginning. She goes the extra mile to be sure that her clients are happy. With her knowledge and experience she has developed a website for us that has gotten many more inquiries and much better sales results than our old website did."

-- Per Hultquist


Search Engine Optimization

... or SEO, is the process of getting your website to show up as high as possible in Google and other search engines.  Sites and Beyond specializes in organic on-site SEO methods, and in building your website the right way so that it is optimized for the web.

Optimizing the website consists of updating the website by putting keywords and key phrases in strategic places and utilizing search engine rules and algorithms.  Websites built by Sites and Beyond are built correctly according to World Wide Web Consortium standards, which is a key SEO ingredient.

One of the most important things is having your content, i.e., your page text, be written in such a way as to include as many keywords and key phrases as possible.  You always need to keep both your reader and search engines in mind when writing your text.

Off-site SEO we provide consists of a number of things, including making sure Google, especially, indexes your website and has a working sitemap of it. We can also provide a Google Local business listing.

Sites and Beyond specializes in the above methods**.

If your business benefits most from clients local to your city or county, then organic SEO will work extremely well for you.  It will also work for non-local hits on Google and other search engines, but takes more work to accomplish.

**Sites and Beyond does not typically provide other off-site SEO work such as Pay-per-Click (considered non-organic), Social Networking, and Backlinks.