Websites by Sites and Beyond, LLC, for Louisville, Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, colorado
Sites and Beyond, LLC, Web design and development in Boulder CO and Louisville CO

"Judi, of Sites and Beyond, has created two impressive websites for our company and her timely performance and reasonable rates embarrass past 'web designers' we have employed."

-- Dennis Walsh, President, Lace Weights Corp



Basic Pricing Guidelines:
(every website is different, so price varies based on many factors)

  1. A small website (3 - 6 pages)
    typically runs between $1500 and $3000*
  2. A medium website (7 - 15 pages) 
    runs between $2500 and $4000*.
  3. A larger website (16 - 50 pages)
    typically runs between $3500 and $10,00*.

* Pricing varies, based on:

  • whether you want a static website or a CMS-based website that you can update yourself via a login
  • the complexity of the design:
    • a custom design made just for you,  OR
    • using a theme such as from Elegant Themes or some other trusted theme builder if we use Wordpress CMS
  • the number of features in the site (see services)
  • the number of images involved if it has a gallery
  • a different design layout on the home page than the other pages, and/or additional/different designs on other pages
  • the number of pages in the site

For custom programming; for example to collect additional information in a database and display it, login areas, etc., we charge our standard hourly rate.**

A website which includes an application, such as a registration system that needs to be custom programmed, cannot be priced here.  We would need to talk with you to find out all the details of what you need.**

For changes to your existing website, pricing varies. We will usually charge our hourly rate which is $75/hour.** Or we may be able to quote you a price for a specific project.

We offer a free one-hour consultation.

**Programming is charged at our standard rate of $75/hour

**We charge to the minute (no hourly minimum).  Any research on our part, due to the continuing changeability of the web or for reasons not due to the client, is not charged to you.